Talking about money
doesn't have to be hard

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Here are the weeks and topics:

  1. Nov. 3rd — Be Full on Christ (Philippians 4:10-20)
  2. Nov. 10th — Trust (Proverbs 3:5-10)
  3. Nov. 17th — The Enemy of Contentment (John 21:20-22)
  4. Nov. 24th — Sow Generously (2 Corinthians 9:6-8)

Let's Get Practical

Instead of talking about what we ought to be doing, let’s talk about how to actually do this. What does it take to give generously to the Lord? Here are some practical tips and tools for you as you consider your generosity plan for 2020.

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Dave Ramsey's

Financial Peace University

The following lessons will help you win with money:

  1. Starter Emergency Fund + Budgeting
  2. Pay Off All Debt
  3. Save a Fully Funded Emergency Fund
  4. Invest for the Future and Build Wealth
  5. Buyer Beware
  6. The Role of Insurance
  7. Retirement Planning
  8. Real Estate and Mortgages
  9. Outrageous Generosity
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Faith & Finances

As Christians, we know we should do something about poverty in our communities. But here’s the reality: low-income people in the United States face an overwhelming maze of financial obstacles. 

Predatory lending, poor credit, low financial literacy, broken relationships, and many other factors often keep people trapped in poverty. Without the right tools and a supportive community, it’s almost impossible to escape the cycle. 

Faith and Finances offers a different approach:

  • Addresses financial challenges of life near the poverty line
  • Takes an interactive, relational approach to learning
  • Appeals to many learning styles and education levels
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